capture the attention of customers, employees, and investors

with clean and brand-defining images

The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text.

That means that a picture is actually worth 60,000 words!

Hi, I am Irina Mason

I take photos to tell the story about a product, service, or brand. I want to evoke feelings in customers that help them understand how a product or service can make their life better.

What do they need to live the lifestyle that they want?

I’ve learned to prioritize living the life: I enjoy–not just going to work, and coming home. I want to treat myself right, I want to spend time with my family, and I want to be able to help where I can make this world a better place. 


Whether you are launching new products, rebranding, or having a milestone event, you can rely on me on getting your business photo needs covered. I use photography to tell the story of a brand and show it its identity during all development stages