Yes, moms, I know what you are looking to get when you ask for candid photos ( we will call them lifestyle photos) but they also start as posed. You just will make it more real with your personal touch and interaction with each other ( and my mentoring during the session).

His is the group's mix and match:

  • Whole family together
  • Mom and kids
  • Dad and kids
  • Kind together and personal portraits
  • Mom and dad together

Each group starts with classical 'looking to the camera ' poses ( it is timeless shots) then I will ask you to interact with each other ( it will be special instructions). The idea of it to put you in the best light and give you something to do so you can forget about the camera and show the emotional communication that is special for your family

45 minutes is the perfect amount of time to capture a variety of poses without making your kids and husband exhausted. This session comes with the 15 best photos that you can choose from the gallery in form of photobooks and digital files. Also you can purchase more photos after the session one by one or the whole gallery