Meet Amanda Flores

Owner and founder of Divine Features NJ

Amanda is beautiful herself and she knows how to be stylish. When you come and see her you know you can trust her with your look.

Microblading, Teeth Whitening, Brow Bar, Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup, body sculpting - all this good stuff to make us feel like celebrities ( we know they all doing it, so why can't we)

plus you can take a body sculpting and teeth whitening class with her.

Divine features Salon has feelings of coming to caring and welcoming friend home.

Amanda decorated it nice with big paper flowers, cute "phrases" signs, the rose from "Beauty and the beast" and her family photos. She also has coffee and tea bar which is hard to say "no" when you come for consultation here.

Here is a glimpse to the working process.

You can Check her Website or Instagram for more info