You need a photographer for your wedding

how to know which professional will be right for you, because we both agree that your cousin can take photos, but he will not guarantee you the result.

Use Instagram related hastags, Facebook wedding groups in your area or just use Google to search for "wedding photographer near me". Look at the portfolio of several photographers because everyone has a different view and approach to the wedding photos. Decide on style that you like and send them some info about your special day and questionnaire. You can start from asking if photographer available on the day of your wedding. And if response would be 'yes' give small info about your event. Location, amount of people, and you budget for photographer. Now it is time to interview the photographer.

  • how many wedding have you shot;
  • do you shoot wedding similar to mine ( amount of people, religion, venue, etc.);
  • how far in advance we should book you;
  • how can you describe your wedding photography style;
  • how you describe your working style;
  • can I see examples of full wedding day photoshoot;
  • can i request special shots we would like to have;
  • will you be the photographer who will photograph my wedding;
  • will you have any assistants with you ;
  • how you gonna be dressed;
  • is it ok if other people will take photos;
  • what is the plan be is you will not be able to shoot my wedding for some reason;
  • do you have liability insurance;
  • if you will have to stay longer, is it any extra charge;
  • how much is the deposit, and what is the refund and cancelation policy;
  • will we sign written contract;
  • can you recommend other vendors who you work with before.

Meet with few photographer before making final decision. You need to feel that you are comfortable with that person in communication and just to be around. Because photographer gonna be next to you all day and as part of you professional team should help this beautiful event go smooth.

And COGRATULATIONS , Wife-soon-to-be