Hello, I am Irina Mason and I help growing brands create impactful images that differentiate them from competitors.

And what kind of photography exactly it is? : anything from team photos on the about me page, to photos installments of the products for brochures to other printed advertorials.

  • When companies go through rebranding and redoing their website - fresh headshots are a must-have.
  • When installments are finished - capturing business brochures is an important part of the whole project
  • When new facilities open - this is a big event for the company and these photos are usually in the media by the 8 am next day
  • When the gallery opening reception happens after such long planning - it will be in the media as well and you want to make sure this story is told to the fullest.

This session is not a typical standard follow-through plan. It is required planning on how to tell your Brand story.

Even headshot session setup can be different - more official or lifestyle - it depends on what fits your company culture.

When your company installed windows - what are the most important elements to show - are they soundproof and then the train track next to it an important detail to show the specification of your installments? There is a lot of planning going into each session to make it the most storytelling experience.

And since I have shot a variety of projects I own or can rent equipment that will fit the project the best. I also love all of this cool technical stuff, so it is my pleasure to spend money on a new lens, color checker, or reflector. I am also famous for bringing extra equipment so I can take care of any shooting conditions. But don't put me in a rain, I will start jumping into the puddles instead of working. My inner child never grew up.

And maybe this is why I am staying curious. One of my current interests is environmental initiatives and eco-system advocate companies. I want to learn more about what they do and help them to Spread the word with my photo skills