Thinking outside of the box, willing to take risks and being driven - this qualities are boosting your confidence during the life and they are also main characteristics of entrepreneurs. And if you start young, you can save the struggle of dealing with a lot of problems later in life. Read this 6 ways to raise entrepreneurial minded kids

  1. Include entrepreneurial books in kids library . You can find books that are starts right from Pre-K to do so such as Camila Lemonade Stand (buy on Amazon)
  2. Visit and learn about local community business. I never knew about some business types before I start networking with people who runs them. By make your kids meet this people early you show the endless possibility ahead of them.
  3. Support and encourage creativity. You can start as simple as teach kids to sell their old toys on Ebay or sell their creations at the local fairs. Encourage creativity by providing art supplies and re-assure that there is no right or wrong answer to creation process, Brainstorm together to find solution to fix common problems.
  4. Teaching patience and not to give up. Challenges and failures are natural part of growing process and should not discourage them from getting to the goal.
  5. Value hard work - volunteering of entrepreneur - both are activities that teach work ethics. Reward kids for doing it from younger age and you will growth those work ethics that will lead them to success.
  6. Encourage risk taking - it teach to be independent, confident and teach how to deal with failure.

If you entrepreneur it is because either you parents taught you those things or you hade to learn it yourself. And you can do a big favor to your kids by use this principals now.