Types of food photography that we do

Book covers, recipes, promotional materials, packages, menus, social media, or food delivery services can use mouth-watering and tantalizing photos to increase your sales.

There are a few types of food photography to consider:

  1. Food product photography
  2. Food recipe photography
  3. Food lifestyle photography
  4. Styled food photography
  5. Restaurant/Cafe or Pub photography
  6. Chef Portraits
  7. Catering service photography
  8. Food documentary event photography

Price and Packages build a la carte

starts from $489

How It Works

  • PHOTO CONSULTATION - Let's talk about your brand and discuss what kind of photos it can benefit the most
  • BOOK - After we pick a date or timeline you will receive an email from me with a contract and deposit invoice, which is 50% upfront cost.
  • PLANNING - In order to simplify planning, I will send you a file to fill in that will help us plan a session according to your idea. We will discuss art directions,  composition, props, and lighting.   
  • PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION - Will be happening either in my in-home studio or on location.
  • POST-PRODUCTION & DELIVERY - I’ll edit and resize all images to your required format and supply both high-res and web-ready files within 5 working days. With private gallery access to discuss further editing requirements or be given access to download images for your use.
  • AFTERCARE - Final invoice will be sent over with a 7-day payment expectation, client survey and client referral 10% voucher.


How do you Charge

Pricing includes:
- Pre-production time ( working on the concept, and mood board)
- Time that takes to create images ( hourly, half day or full-day)
- Post-production ( getting images from the camera to your designer or art director's laptop)
- Supply (upload, web, disc, or print)
- And expenses (stylists, props, couriers, specialist rental, and travel)
- Retouching ( can be optional, but sometimes it is required)
- Usage License
- Sales Tax