Content Photography Session

Now when You hire a marketing agency to run your social media or do it yourself, it is necessary to have a set of photographs that grab attention and resonate with Brand identity.

We usually start from a business overview basic photo coverage all the way down to particular topics that can initiate a conversation with your audience. Having that library of images will help you plan for topics you can post about and save time on future posts.

Content photography can capture a wide range of subject matters, including people, places, products, and events. We are focusing on creating storytelling and creative eye-catching concepts.

There is some examples of content photography that was created for out clients

Examples of content photography

Creative events photos

Galas, conferences, trade show

The goal is to document the event in an eye-catching way, capturing important moments, details, guest interactions, and key speakers.

Catalog Shots

All the products

This is the examples of a variety of natural hair that salon are working with

Using Props

Spark the conversation

Story telling photo captured in creative way to talk about specific topics

Details of your workspace

Details of your office

Highlight special area of your office

Product shots in creative way


When Catalog shots are 'must have' creative-styled product photos are getting more attention in content posting

Happy Clients


Will Speak for itself

Holiday Inspired

Season deals

Clients like to have special deals and we can use Holiday theme to draw the attention

Life-styled Portraits


Great to highlight team members

Our Process to work on your Brand content needs

  • We are always start from One-on type of project basis, so we can see how much value we can bring to your business from it.
  • It is all start from the quick call to get general details of the project that you have in mind. First call is usually last about 15 minutes and it is more an introductory part.
  • After Signing a contract , we are starting in depth planning session with visual storyboards, location, prop and wardrobe ideas. This will be followed by another call to discuss ideas that we can brain storm together.;
  • On the day that we choose to shoot, photographer will spend with you minimum of 4 hours to make sure that we have more than enough photos to choose from. Photo proofs will be uploaded in 2 business days for preview and choosing favorites.  All edited digital files will be delivered within 2 weeks. Your favorite photos can be picked with help of photographer
  • In about to month after the session we are setting up following call to see how can we make this repeated process of creating content quicker and more productive. Most of our clients who are actively using social media to promote their brand found retainer programs are very valuable for them.

Half day session starts from $1500

and includes consultation, deep planning session, and usage license for up to 30 photos

One-on type of session

it is great way to start our collaboration.

One-on type of session usually cover basic business needs such as business over all, headshots, processes, etc.

Must have before we moving to retainer type of session. This way we can work together and see where we can safe time and get more benefits of working together in the future.

Retainer session

Retainer sessions happen bi-monthly or quarterly. This will help us to have better planning for next shoot. This session are wrapped around of types of posting that are you planning to do in that period and can be specific to the holiday thematic, special events that will be hold, new product lines.

You also know that we have out time locked and dedicated to your business needs. Can split over few days of shooting if there is special events are happening in that time.

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Editing: Basic editing is included in the packages. Retouching of skin is not included. Price for retouching starts from $39 per photo

Delivery of photos:  Photos delivered by an online gallery. Will be uploaded in 2 business days for preview and choosing favorites.  All edited digital files will be delivered within 2 weeks. Expedited service (3 days) can be purchased for a fee of $150.

Travel and Fee: Depending on your location a travel fee might apply. Please ask for more information

Events: We are also available to shoot commercial events. Prices for events are $300 per hour with 2 hours minimum, all digital files included.

Optional Extras

A professional hair & make-up artist: $ 250

1 Min Behind the Scenes video promo: $250

2-3 Mins Brand video promo: $ 749