I know how overwelming it can be when you hiring photographer, getting ready for the shoot and when you arrive to location your little one ( or sometimes a big one too) don't want to cooperate. Don't worry, I have a solutions.

I am actually a magician that know how to make your session go smoother and have an awesome result. Trust me.

  1. Do not ask baby behave for photographer. Better practice would be to let your kid communicate with photographer without you being involved. There is few reason behind : baby listed to new people better that parents; photographer have plan for different situations and ideas for the photos. It is important for kids to have small conversation with photographer so they feel more confortable.
  2. Candid in-between shoot if one of the meaningful photos from the session: Stay Caml and let it be.
  3. My session is quick: In about 40 minute we can wrap up your session with big variety of shoots: Posed photos, candid shots and 2 location. You and your family will not gonna have time to get tired)