Production team:

  • Greater specialization. When hiring a production company you are hiring a whole team of people with expertise in different aspects of work: styling, shooting, and editing. 
  • Larger teams can hold larges projects. Suppose you need to add video work or have two demonstrations happening during an event simultaneously. In that case, one person will not be able to get all those parts done in a quality manner.
  • Top line equipment. More often Production companies have bigger budgets and can afford the latest gear. When you hire a production company make sure that they use the best gear on the market.
  • Following trends. It can be hard for the freelancer to be on top of each trend. But Prdctuion companies have team member assigner to do research on what is popular on the production market now. 
  • Will big chunk of money. In order to bring all teams to the project, they all need to be paid and make a profit. 

When to use production company: When you have a high budget and want a project done with your minimum involvement. 


  • Price and Value For Money. Freelance photographers often work from their homes and don’t have extra expenses on running an office and administrative staff salary
  • When you hire a freelancer you know that they put their heart and whole mind into it. Often they work longer hours and really passionate about their job. They don't have dozer corporate clients with deadlines which means they care about each project a lot.
  • Have access to a professional network. They can hire another photographer or make-up artist if so required and act as Capitan on your behalf.  
  • Freelancers have worked on a range of projects and learned from each of them ( look at my portfolio for example). Because often freelancers take different types of jobs that come their way, that means when they take your job they bring a different range of skills and technicals how-to
  • Personalization - when hiring a photographer you will get a 100% personalized experience that no company can compete.

When to use freelancer: Hiring a freelancer is suited the best for you if you are a Small to medium size business. If you are a large company but have everything planned and just need to bring a photographer to the project just to shoot and deliver photos.