Missing out on water breaks?

As a leader, you understand that your company culture dictates the success of your business. Millennials prioritize fit to the company above everything else. Remember how we used to have a water break during working from the office and building personal relationships with colleagues? How can you help them to build this relationship now when people work from home?

A corporate Scavenger hunt is a good idea for team building.

It is natural for people to practice delegating and sharing the workload in order to get challenges achieved and also casual chit-chat during activities to know each other better

What to include in the hunt.

Personal Clues

  • learn a song in a different language ( they can ask someone bilingual in their team to teach it)
  • find someone with a cool tattoo and ask the team to recreate it with pen and paper
  • make two members of your team recreate each other's identities in conversation. make sure you video record this dialog

On a mission

  • pretend to be a band and play a famous song on air instruments
  • pick on a member and ask every one draw a 1-minute portrait of him/her
  • the best cook ever: prepare meals with ingredients found in the office pantry.
  • who can do the most impressive hand shadow puppet

Unique Talents

  • who can make the most important trick in a trash basket
  • ask one team member to perform salsa routine
  • use the rolling chair for racing in the office corridor

Outside locations

  • ask team members to imitate your favorite statue from around the world
  • go to the clothing store and try a new style of outfit
  • read a part from Shakespeare's play like you are performing
  • find as much merchandise or apparel with the logo of the city sports team

And don't forget to take a bunch of photos and videos