What you need for Product photography on budget DIY

  1. A tripod
  2. A camera (phone)
  3. Nice background ( tiles, Vinyl Backdrops, Foam Board, Paper, colorful backdrops, rocks, etc.)
  4. White bounce cards made of foam board
  5. A table
  6. Tape
  7. Room with a window

First thing you want to get is a tripod. When you find the right angle, You can set up your camera or phone on a tripod and just change the set up of your photos and not worry about finding this perfect angle again.  Believe professional photographers save so much time. 

Background depends on your product and mood for your brand. You probably has all backdrops in your home, if not Dollar store or Michaels ( poster boards )  or Home Depot ( you can buy tiles here, cheap and long lasting) 

White bounce cards can also be made off Foam board, paper or white t-shirt) It helps to bring light back to the object to fill it in shadows.

Any table will work, a width between 24 and 27 inches is ideal.

You can use tape or clamps to secure down your board so it stays properly. 

Have window light come from the side and put a bounce card or opposite side to bring light back

I wrote a short tutorial because it is easy to read , and it is simple for someone who is looking to archive results for their social media but not looking to spend all day taking photos. 

Contact me if you will have any questions