Many businesses begin from getting their headshots done to soon realizing that there are many other way that they will need branding photography for.

And here are 12 most effective examples on where it can elevate your messaging and stronger connection with the client.

This ideas also can help you to properly plan for the shot list that should be part of the session .

  1. Brochures : regardless of the scale of the business you will benefit from passing printed brochures tot eh client : If you are manufacturer, you will need photos for the catalog in showrooms, and is you are catering company - it is a great idea to pass brochures at the networking event along with your business cards
  2. Website: Hero shot for the main page, highlighting key team member or showing the processes and products, landing pages for specific campaigns.
  3. Social media : High quality brand-consistent images for you and your team members across variety of platforms ( Zoom, LinkedIn, Google Business, Facebook, etc. )
  4. E-mail Marketing : Include images in your signature, newsletters, opt-in pages
  5. Appreciation Notes : You can personalized your "Thank You" note, printed or digital
  6. Blog posts: on your own website or as a guest-post.
  7. PR and Press Packages: will help publications and other media effectively share information about your business
  8. Paid Advertisement: Highly recommend to replace generic photos with your own Brand-identifying images
  9. Speaking engagement: Your team members, processes. spaces of product and services that you provide or sell
  10. Podcast Artwork : Use photo for your on podcast or when you invited as guest speaker
  11. Custom Swag: Any for any office supplies, clients give aways or team member appreciation gifts
  12. Book Covers : Set a tone of the content

Branding Photography will enhance the visual part of your marketing, creating consistent and professional look across all of the marketing channels and help your brand messages become more in-tune with the business itself and make it more remarkable for the clients.