Meet Bonni Scepkowski the founder and principal of Stellar Meetings & Events.

I would love to share some photos and experience Experience that I had working at her meeting for Dianthus Therapeutics

Rode Island, October 10th. 2022

As soon as I walked in hotel I was place for this job, I was amazed by interiors design and was so happy to have this staying over experience. Colors on the wall , huge room and windows views. My work started the same evening for the all team who just arrived and was heading to have a cocktails and light dinner in the meeting room on top floor of the hotel.

Yummy food selection with specially crafted for Client brand cocktails, and 'sharing-common-interest-game" were a good ways to introduce your team members to each other.

Meeting: Official part

Day started in perfect time for me. But I like to wake up early, may be that's why. People had time to eat , had coffees and wake up for official part of this meeting : some science, branding and operation management of the company.

I found it to be very engaging activity when after presentation of company mission and vision team members were asked to work in small group and tell more about how they found those principals work in the company.

Glenda Thomas had speech of her experience with  #MyastheniaGravis , diagnosis, treatment and everyday life activities

Glenda volunteers for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc. and was also appointed to the Rare Disease Advisory Council of Massachusetts.


You know how not to be able eat appetizers, main coarse and deserts with no problem? Make sure to have it in different restaurants.

Bonni introduced to me this concept of progressive dinner. Appetizers on roof top ( scallops in bacon still make me think about it), entrée in few blocks away ( Hooray to seafood risotto ) and deserts in bakery that opened it doors after hours ( who knew that adults loves sweets so much )