Successful headshot session starts here

  1. As life goes by it is important to remember that our thoughts are what rule our life. That's why a good start to your morning has a big impact on how your days will go. Sleep well the night before and set your thoughts for success while you drinking your morning coffee or tea.
  2. Prepare your outfit and try it on at least a day before. Go for fabric that will not get wrinkled so easily while you on your way to the session. Iron and lint roll it to finish a sharp look. If possible avoid a too loose or too tight look.
  3. Think about the look that you would like to present to your clients. Use your company motto and your own personality to build your look on. Remember to tell me that so I can help you to achieve it.
  4. Patterns or Plain. Strong patterns can be disturbing and take away attention from your face expressions. Consider to go plain or very little pattern.
  5. Avoid sleeveless tops. Sleeveless tops will show a contrast between your face and arms, also in some poses you are risking to show your armpits, and this is something that we would like to avoid unless it is goes along with the brand of your company.
  6. Mid-tone plain colors are universal flattering colors. But avoid colors that similar to your skin tone such as crème or beige. And if you thinking to wear black i would suggest to substitute it for dark blue, chocolate, maroon or dark green.
  7. Accessories: Ties, bow-ties, glasses if you usually wear it, pocket squares and jewelry ( simple jewelry is the best), scarfs or pashminas.
  8. Hair Please remember to bring hairbrush and hair spray for last-minute adjustments.
  9. Makeup Keep it natural and avoid products with sparkles. Consider bring translucent powder which will reduce shine on the skin. If you like and idea of professional make-up i can recommend few option to book for the shoot.

Please remember to arrive with your makeup complete. And if you like the idea of a professional makeup artist, you’re not alone! I often work with them and I can recommend a few options if you’d like to book one for the shoot.