Displaying family photos in home interiors adds nostalgic charm like no other . But the benefits of it are spread further

  • Straightening self esteem.  Self Esteem is something that nearly everyone struggles with. But as a parent you can help to guide your child to a higher level of self-worth. Seeing their photos proudly displayed  on the wall tells you child “You are important” and builds a strong foundation for their confidence. 
  • Identity and sense of self. Especially for children moving with adoptive families. It can comfort them and establish trust in themselves. It subconsciously tells them “ My family is a strong unit , and I can be here myself and belong”.
  • Opportunity to give children a voice. By letting them choose which photos are their favorite and which they would like to display , you let them feel important by involving them in family activities. Also Creative Scrapbook and photo collage together not just and art project for fun, but great bonding time with your kids
  • Family Photos for Seniors. Kids and Seniors both in the stages where they are less busy with everyday ‘go-get it’ activities and have more time to reflect on himself.   For seniors it is equally important to know that they are important members of the family and by seeing photos displayed on the wall you can show it to them. Seeing it also sparks memories and brings a positive feeling of connection.
  • Coping mechanisms. Photos can trigger positive reactions and make a person mindful.  From having a bad day outside of the house or being upset with a family member, photos can shift attention to positive memories and help to deal with stress.
  • Belonging to something bigger. Children live in an ego-centric world as a normal part of development. By seeing photos of their ancestors, they understand more about the importance of other people in their lives. As a communication practice you can ask your child about who the people in the photo are and what kind of memories they are remembering about this day. 

As an addition to the love that you give to your child, consider adding printed photos to the decor of your house to bring additional comfort and anchoring to it.