What to Wear

  • Choose Mom outfit first
  • Choose 2-3 coordinating colors
  • Think MUTED COLORS Avoid overly saturated and bold colors, as they distract in the photo. Look for MUTED versions of the same color. For example, if you have a bright hot pink shirt, try a muted dusty rose instead.
  • Coordinate, but do not match.
  • FITTED clothing is your friend
  • Choose CLASSIC over TRENDY.
  • Only one outfit will be needed. Please send me photos of your outfit from your closet 929 351 7320. I can give advice on what will look better on photos.
  • Don’t forget to match your SHOES with your outfit.
  • Wear ACCESSORIZE -  earrings, bracelets, hats, or other accessories that help complete your outfit! Ladies, please avoid necklaces as they have a hard time staying in place and can get tangled up in those cuddle and tickle moments with your kids.
  • Wearing TEXTURE include chambray, faux fur, chunky knits, lace, tweed, wool, etc. will help to add holiday mood to the photos
  • Apply your MAKEUP in natural light so that you know how it will look for outdoor photos. Apply just a little bit more than you usually would and make sure to blend the foundation well with your neck. Stay away from nude lipsticks as they wash you out, but do make sure to wear lip gloss (chapstick for everyone in the family so they don’t have the dry lip look). If you’re comfortable with it, help your eyes pop with natural-length fake eyelashes.

What to Avoid

  • OVERSIZED CLOTHING Steer clear of cargo shorts, baggy jeans, and oversized clothing.
  • BRIGHT WHITE White has the tendency to wash out complexions. Choose ivory and creams instead.
  • BOLD AND DARK COLORS Dark colors (e.g., navy blues, blacks, dark browns, and grays) should be avoided since they appear black in photos. Also, dark colors can wash out your complexion and create an overly dark feel in the photo. Overly saturated colors can distract from the photo, so look instead for muted versions. For example, if you have a bright yellow dress, think about a mustard or gold dress instead.
  • STRAPLESS/SLEEVELESS TOPS Unless you absolutely love your arms, avoid strapless or sleeveless tops. Sleeves are typically more flattering for everyone!
  • UNDERSHIRTS Guys, it’s best to avoid wearing white undershirts that hang out of the top of your shirt or sleeves.