When I was getting into photography,

I was looking at the photo session as capturing a beautiful person, but with time and experience working with different people, I realized that reason for the portrait session can be so different. I have worked with clients on portrait sessions who get sessions every year to capture themself every year of their life; with clients who want to get out of their comfort zone and role-play different characters; with clients who had sessions going through grief after losing love ones to memorize activities that they have done together; with clients who after found they love online and want to attract right kind of people; with clients who achieve something and would like to celebrate and save in photo memories.

The photo session is a therapeutical instrument

And if you feel that you would like to use it, don't wait till you lose weight, get new outfits, or learn how to pose.

A professional photographer is here with you for the journey from building ideas, helping to choose an outfit, helping you to pose, and most importantly relax and be natural.

Drink plenty of water and have an amazing meal before the session. It is ok to feel like you don't know what you are doing, a good photographer

is are coach who can help you to look your best. I have a few tricks in my pocket that I collected over the years and still developing new onces.

And this is a full session with my friend and client who I would love to share with you